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Looking for stained glass to provide the finishing touch to a project?
Are you recreating a specific style?

We can provide outstanding stained glass designs in any style of your choice.


Redkite Art, Glass, & Restoration design high quality stained glass products. Designs can come from our portfolio of standard designs or as a bespoke product from a customer requirement. Whatever the style Redkite Art, Glass, & Restoration will achieve an authentic period look. Working with traditional materials for that bygone age look or with modern composites for cutting edge design the choice is yours


Loose damaged panels or distorted construction?
Missing panel?


More than a just a repair, a restoration project may involve removal and releading an existing panel or the creation of replica parts to return an existing installation to its former glory. A restoration project generally has more than just stained glass tasks. These may include restoration of frame, whether stone, metal, or wood. Often additional research may be required to locate details of missing panels or panel details, e.g. heraldic motto


Cracked or damaged glass?
Broken rebars (tie rods)?


Damage to stained glass panels is best remedied sooner rather than later. Causes of damage to stained glass can be obvious (projectile damage) or less obvious (structural weakness). Projectile damage will effect one or more glass pieces and possibly the surrounding leadwork. If the leadwork is unbroken and in reasonable condition a replacement piece of glass can be fitted while the window or panel is in place. If the glass is difficult to reach, of a complex shape, or access is limited to both sides in-situ repairs are unlikely to be successful. The apparent damage may mask further underlying damage which if left untreated will cause rapid deterioration of the stained glass.


Structural damage may be caused by impact damage that has remained unprepared for a period of time or insufficient repair in the past. The design of the glass could have an inherent weakness that causes structural damage even breakage of glass. The quality of leadwork could lead to loss of cement which in turn leads to loose glass and a lack of structural integrity. Poorly  sized glass pieces relying on cement for strength is another cause for distortion and collapse. Lack of or inadequate reinforcement (broken wire ties) causes collapse over a period of years.

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